ConnexMe 8.0: Event interactivity at your fingertips

To end 2018 on a high note, Evenium released the 8.0 update of ConnexMe. With these new features, attendees are more engaged than ever and speakers have better control over their presentations.

Here are some of the new features offered by ConnexMe 8.0.

Presentations managed from speakers’ phones

Speakers can change slides or use the laser pointer  on their smartphones at the touch of a finger. These new features make the speakers’ work easier. Now, they can focus on their interactions with the audience.

Discover a new type of poll

Thanks to the different polls offered by ConnexMe, your audience plays an active role during your events. For example, the new “ranking poll” gives you better insights and qualitative information about your audience.

Promote your sponsors and exhibitors

ConnexMe features your sponsors and exhibitors in a dedicated tab to give them more exposure during your events.

Customizable icons

Customize ConnexMe’s background color as well as the Agenda icons to be consistent with your event theme or your brand.

Discover how you can challenge the boundaries of your events with ConnexMe