Trust and performance: How Accuray uses Evenium Facility to manage their events

Interview with Pascal Biner, Senior Events Manager, EIMEA at Accuray


Whether he is organizing small company events or more sizable cosmopolitan conferences hosting medical practitioners and professors, Pascal Biner can count on Evenium Facility. “It’s a powerful tool,” he says, describing the event management platform.

The past three years, Accuray has been using Facility to manage all their events’ logistics. Whether it be creating the event’s website, sending invitations, confirmations and reminders, or even notoriously time-consuming, burdensome tasks such as overseeing travel logistics, everything happens on Evenium’s platform.


Cut down on time and emails

Evenium Facility grants Accuray’s travel agency of choice a special, restricted access tailored to their assigned responsibilities. The agency can send participants a curated list of flights options they can easily chose from in a simple clic, all from within Facility. Afterwards, just as easily, Pascal makes the final call and authorizes the definitive travel arrangements.

In a highly regulated industry and without the right tools, emailing with large numbers of registrants can quickly add up.
This is no longer the case with Facility automating travel management for the various stakeholders. It’s a powerful productivity tool that allows you to allocate more time and energy to other valuable tasks.

Additionally, Pascal observes that unlike other solutions, Facility’s automated reminders and confirmations hardly ever reaches the spam folder. A very important detail to guarantee a smooth experience for the participants.


Real-time budget monitoring

For Pascal, being able to overview the financial plan in real-time is another significant asset of the event management platform. Thanks to Facility, a dashboard informs him in real time when tickets need to be confirmed and sends reminders to participants from the platform to avoid losing them.

❝ This is really nice especially for flights because you have to be really fast or you lose the plane tickets if you don’t confirm within 24 hours. The Evenium platform is really great for that. ❞


A responsive and attentive customer success team

❝ The platform is easy to use, super intuitive and easy to test. If we have a problem, it’s resolved super quickly.❞

For Pascal, the customer success team’s responsiveness and efficiency is a substantial bonus. He enjoyed a bespoke service, tailored to his needs. The team responded to all of his requests adequately, always striving to present the solutions that best met his expectations.

He built a genuine trusting relationship with the Evenium team. He insists this is fundamental when organizing an event.

❝ When you’re in the event industry you don’t have a second chance, we cannot repeat the event if it went wrong […]. You have to be able to trust [your suppliers]. ❞


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