ConnexMe 7.7 – Updates That’ll Increase Your Event Participation Rates

Evenium’s mission is to simplify the lives of Event Organizers and provide them with the right tools to plan perfect events and interact with their audience throughout the meeting. Our previous updates have been focused on optimizing the user experience and our 7.7 update is what’s needed for interactive events.

A speaker’s Dream Event App

We’ve optimized the app to make engaging with your audience even easier for your speakers. Here’s what’s new.

The Event Heard Across The World

Live Audio has been added to everyone’s favorite event app, ConnexMe! You can now offer your participants the chance to tune into a conference, workshop or training session via live audio streaming right from within the app. This means that no matter where they are, your guests will be able to participate in your event; they can access the presentation slides, respond to surveys, and engage all while listening to your event’s live audio.

Audio Live, the new feature of the event app ConnexMe


Caught in a traffic jam and cannot arrive in time for the conference? No problem! No you can connect to an event via ConnexMe, activate the Live Audio and listen to the live conference. Don’t let your participants miss a second of your event.

Smart Collaboration Launched Directly From The App

Whether you’re using the integrated Visual Collaboration tool to showcase the audience responses in the form of a heatmap, display their annotations for feedback, or launch a poll, you’re no longer dependant on the AV team.

Collaborating with your participants just got easier. Speakers can display their annotations made with Digital Talk Chalk right from the app. They can also launch polls and display the results instantaneously. ConnexMe 7.7 brings more functionalities, previously found only in the back office, to your fingertips.

 Display your live annotations directly from your ConnexMe app

Pro Tip: Use Visual Collaboration to capture and retain your attendees’ attention.

A Better Way to Choose Which Comments To Showcase

Let’s say an interesting question is asked, but the speaker doesn’t wish to address it right away. With ConnexMe 7.7, presenters can add participants’ comments or questions to their favorites so that they can easily find, display and comment on them at a later time.

 Evenium ConnexMe allows you to add comments in favorites

Pro Tip: Display your favorite comments on the screen to open a discussion. You can also use the comments to improve future presentations.

A Live Feed That Fits Like A Glove

We have incorporated a small tab that allows you to filter your Live Feed to your liking. You can choose to read the entire feed, only your favorite comments, those that you have “Liked”, or simply your own posts.

In addition, you no longer have to worry about an empty live feed, you can now add information about the app. Your participants will always have something to engage with thanks to ConnexMe.

 A new tab to filter comments on ConnexMe

Pro Tip: Activate the Live Twitter feed, which displays the tweets related to the hashtag of the event.

Designed With You In Mind

We’ve redesigned a handful of pages so that you can provide your attendees with an optimal event experience that resonates with your brand.

A Modern Login Page

The login page of the application has been updated and modernized. You’ll see a resemblance to our event check-in app OnSite, that streamlines your event entry.

New login interface on the ConnexMe event app

Pro Tip: Encourage your participants to connect via their social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) or with their email address for quicker access.

A List That Needn’t Be Checked Twice

The list of events has been simplified and made resigned in order for participants to easily find your event. You can even add emojis to your event title 🤗👏!

Events list updated on Evenium ConnexMe

Pro Tip: Use the Get Connected Widget to showcase your Wi-Fi network and password and the event code for easy access to your event.

Who’s that up on stage?

A new page has arrived: the list of speakers is accessible from your event agenda menu. Now you can proudly showcase your distinguished presenters in this dedicated area.

Find all the speaker of the event

Pro Tip: Choose your Event Agenda as your event app landing page so participants can easily access important information.

The Swiss Army Knife of Event Agendas

Customize the tabs on your agenda page to meet your needs. It’s easier than ever for your participants to downloadable documents, access a website, an interactive map of the event, videos and many other information. The tabs are responsive and take up the entire width of the screen regardless of the number of tabs you choose to display. Like the practical Swiss Army knife, you can truly find all the tools you need in your event agenda.

New Tabs on the ConnexMe Calendar

Pro Tip: Scroll through your tabs horizontally at the flick of a finger.

Customizable background color

Customize the background color of your event to match your corporate or event theme colors.

Pro Tip: Work out a color scheme for your tabs, text, and background colors and program them in the back office.

Size Does Matter

Evenium stays up-to-date with the latest trends and newest industry needs. And in the Events Industry, bigger is better.

A Full Second Screen Technology Immersive Experience

We’ve updated ConnexMe to perfectly fit the new Apple’s new iPhone X. The new full-screen design provides your attendees with an immersive experience.

New ConnexMe version adapted for iPhone X

Pro Tip: ConnexMe is Appageddon safe and iPhone X compliant for your peace of mind.

The better to see your text with, my dear

Per your requests, we’ve increased the font size of the content by 1 pixel. Everything is much easier to read. Attendees won’t forget to dot their I’s and cross their T’s with a larger font.

You now have an overview of what’s new in the 7.7 update of the ConnexMe app. ConnexMe and other Evenium solutions are improving day-by-day thanks to your feedback, for which we are ever so grateful.

If you have any feedback on this new version of  ConnexMe or would like to see a new feature, leave a comment or contact us on our contact page.


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