Event Organization: Thales’ Tips

Charlotte Benn, project manager in charge of Exhibitions and Events at Thales Global Services, reveals her tips to improve efficiency while organizing your events:

Centralize group’s event management

I am the only administrator when it comes to corporate events. When a department needs to organize an event, it contacts our Event and Exhibition service that was created 6 years ago. My job is to guide them in using the Evenium Facility platform to create their event online, its website, manage enrollment, etc. This type of organization allows for a contact point, a representative for all issues related to this particular tool, someone who can answer the organizers’ different questions, and in this way, we gain efficiency.

Using a complete solution to manage the event

We use Evenium solutions to create the event website, manage invitations and enrollment, welcome guests on-site, and promote interaction. These tools are integrated with one another which creates a complete solution that is flexible, adapting to our needs and to the size of the events.

Cultivate an on-site welcome

When you are expecting hundreds of people it’s essential that their welcome be efficient, offering participants an optimal experience from the very beginning of the event. Every year in June, we invite a few hundred guests to a big event at the Bourget. For the past 2 years, we have managed hospitality with the Onsite app. It’s really simple: we scan the QR code on the participants’ badges to record their arrival. It’s extremely quick and very easy to manage; all I need is a few minutes to brief the hostesses regarding the tool.

Adopting a mobile app will become the norm

I’m realizing that there is truly an increasing number of internal demands for event mobile apps. Mobile apps for events have numerous advantages. First of all, participants can network and easily share content thanks to the ‘chat’ feature on the app. Guests can also find all the presentations in one place, which is a true time saver.