Meet our support team manager: Laure!

Meet our support team manager: Laure! An emblematic figure here at Evenium, it’s very important to her to answer your questions and help you on a daily basis!

– How long have you been working at Evenium?

I joined Evenium in October 2009 with a permanent position as project manager in charge of events. I had just finished business school and had a few months of experience in the business field. I wanted to join the event sector and was looking for a new professional adventure. Since August 2010 I have been the customer service manager. I manage a great team, and I supervise all projects.

– What makes you stay at Evenium?

I like my work, the client contact, helping them out, and feeling useful. The company also gave me the opportunity for development internally, as becoming a manager was truly a great opportunity. Customer service is at the heart of the company. We have contact with every department and it’s very enriching! We are constantly working with our developers to highlight client needs, with the commercial department to help with pre-sales activity, with the communications department to communicate best customer practices, with accounting regarding quotes, etc. Our company spirit is overwhelmingly positive. We are all close.

– What is the biggest challenge that you face every day?

Keeping everyone happy! My clients of course, but my team as well. I want them to be happy to be here.

– What exactly does customer service do?

Before an event, we can offer new products or features to our existing clients. We also train clients that request it, either in our offices or over the phone. We help them implement their solutions and we answer their questions every day. On the big day, we can be present on the spot if they wish. After the event, we guide them in implementing post event communication strategies (satisfaction survey, thank you emails, etc.). In our privileged role as client contacts, we also listen to their needs and their requests for product development.

– What are the qualities required to work on your team?

Our role is to help our customers, be it before, during or after their event. We have to understand their needs, actually even anticipate them. Therefore we need to be rigorous and patient.

– This year marks 7 years that you work for Evenuim. What has changed??

Many things of course! Especially changed however are our products. They are more structured than before, they have evolved a lot, and this transformation is still ongoing! We are working to make our solutions as intuitive as possible so that our clients can use them independently. Personally, I have also come a long way. This experience teaches me to have more self-confidence, and has enabled me to acquire teaching skills. At Evenium, I have also developed technical skills: when I arrived I knew nothing of HTML, whereas today I can work side-by-side with my clients.

– What developments have you noticed in the event sector?

Events are digitalized: there is less and less paper, and the tools are also evolving. At the beginning of my career, organizers often used to tell me that they couldn’t send out electronic invitations, as their guests did not read their emails. This is not the case anymore. The format of the events themselves has also evolved, as we see with the ConnexMe app. They have definitely become more interactive.