Tips: Organize Powerful Leadership Meetings!

You’re presenting the company’s strategic plan or new initiatives to your top managers. Or it’s the year-end review, departmental planning meetings, business process reviews, go-to-market game planning, or brainstorming sessions with the top talent.
• How do you get and keep their full attention?
• What meeting tools can you employ to help top managers become active and motivated ambassadors of your company’s directives, speaking as a single unified voice?
• How can you foster meaningful business connections within your leadership teams?

Use ConnexMe to achieve the best results from your leadership meetings!

Before the event: Spice up your meetings – immerse participants in your messages

Invite and promote the meetingevent invitation emailing

The meeting owner sends an email to the attendee list at least 1-2 weeks prior to the meeting, highlighting key components of the meeting that will capture attention. The email should also include instructions to access the ConnexMe app along with a brief description of why or how it will be used.

Your managers make connections and schedule private meetings in advanceevent app

They can browse the entire guest list, renew old contacts or make new ones (searching by name/position/country) and send private messages or meeting invites.
They’ll create new bonds, strengthen existing ones, and share valuable knowledge – important keys to engage, motivate, and build with your best internal assets.

Connect your team to your key messages in advance

Every other day until the meeting, send a poll to your attendees. Perhaps you are interested in their views about specific markets or the organizational structure of the company. Then, show these results during the event and link them to the key messages you’re discussing. This is a dramatic way to include everyone’s ideas in the meeting and delve deeper into those that can have positive impact.

Questions you might ask:
• What is the top priority for your department for next year? (Open question for word cloud)
• In one word, how would you express our typical customer type or profile?
• What three words come to mind that are symbolic of the company’s values?

Day of the meeting:

Begin by showing your select group that they form a community

Start the event with a poll that reveals a key characteristic about your audience. It’s an excellent way to confirm their use of the app during the meeting.

Sample Poll questions:event votes
• What is your favorite airline?
• Which country/city do you come from?

Typical response rate for this type of interaction is around 92%, a good indicator that your audience is engaged and ready for what comes next.

Make your key messages unforgettable

Leverage poll results and real data to customize and sharpen your messages. This helps make your points more meaningful and clear, and shows your audience that you are listening to their input.

You can select important points, key facts or figures and ask your audience about their meaning or blend them into the ongoing discussions.

127,500 is the number of…
– Sales of our most recent product
– Average sell-out per hour last year
– Amount of money taken in by our key product last year

vote results

Now, share the poll results. The best way to make your top managers remember is to make repetitions of your key content.

Respond to relevant questions or comments

Managers can post questions or comments at any time in ConnexMe. Meeting participants can “like” them to signify understanding or what’s most important to them.
For example, a manager might pose a question about the new strategic plan. Feedback would help you understand and address issues on-the-spot that may prevent 100% understanding and buy-in from your team. The team also sees their concerns being acknowledged so you’re more likely to solve problems while everyone is in the room.

Energize the group and set a positive moodevent wall

Select positive comments and «push» them to the speaker who can then share the positive energy with the entire group.
When questions or comments are flowing in, display them live on the main screen with our “comments wall”.
At the end of the meeting, show all the interaction statistics: the amount of private messages, meetings planned, number of questions and polls. It will confirm the value of the meeting and solidify the group’s sense of community.

Measure the success of your event and gather data to improve your next one

Launch the evaluation for each session and get results in real time.

session evaluation

Compile event data and analyze.

event ROI

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