Enhanced interactivity
Take advantage of our highly collaborative and interactive features to impact your audience
Long-lasting content
Let your audience experience the event again with replay and transcript (keyword) search
No download needed
Easy event set up and access without needing to install any additional software
Whether you are hosting a product demo or an online conference, structured interactions and in-depth exchanges with your audience are what you need to properly convey your message and content. This highly interactive online event experience is the key to achieving your objectives.
Melissa Majors
“ConnexMe offers a robust set of collaboration tools that help me facilitate inclusive group discussions that result in better outcomes, efficient data gathering, and reporting.”
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Choose the video streaming experience that best fits your needs

From a keynote with one speaker to a round table with multiple speakers and a moderator, ConnexMe gives you the freedom to design the event you want.

ConnexMe is integrated with video streaming provider Zoom and WebEx.
Multiple session
You can host several sessions with their own speakers and live video feed at the same time.

Foster conversations beyond the usual Q&A and polls

Host inclusive and participatory virtual events and quickly gather insightful information about your audience. Use tools like brainstorming or advanced polls to transform your event in a lively two-way conversation with your audience and reach your objectives.

You have access to several features to brainstorm and reach a consensus in no time
Live document collaboration
Encourage group work by letting participants annotate documents (slide, PDFs, Office Docs, image…) together

Give your content a second life

The content you spent hours crafting shouldn’t have an expiration date! Let participants access a replay and search the content they missed or want to listen/watch again . Give your event the long-lasting effect it deserves!

Someone missed your event or wants to listen to it again? Your participants can access the event replay in ConnexMe
Search transcript
Save your participants' time by letting them easily search the event transcript for each instance where a keyword was used

Everything you need to reach your objectives

Video streaming
Landing & registration page
Invitations and reminders
Polls & Quizzes
Slides and document annotations
Private chat

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