Tips for writing an invitation email

You are in the middle of organizing your event. The most complicated time has arrived – creating the invitation. You are faced with multiple questions:  How to create an impacting invitation? How to make your participants want to participate? Here is our advice:

 1. Think Multiple

There is not just one invitation, there are multiple. And Yes, you will have to make several versions!

Prepare an invitation announcing the event, a “Save the date”, as soon as you have confirmed the date of the event.
Send a new invitation a couple of weeks before the start of the event. This reminder will be very useful  to remind participants who have not yet replied.
Plan an invitation per category of guest (VIP, Speakers, Journalist, etc). The content should be adapted to the different groups of guests. For example, you might have a more casual invitation for bloggers.

2. Make the expediter more human

Send the invitation in the name of the CEO or the department manager.
You will make the invitation more human and personal. We are more incentivised to read a message from someone we know or respect rather than a generic email expediter.

3. Look out for the format

Your invitation must want to be read. To achieve this, prioritise images rather than text and space out the content.

4. Precise Content

Your invitation must contain the principal information of the event: Theme, venue, date and time. So that you do not overload the email, you can add a link towards a dedicated event website where your guests can find all of the rest of the important information.

5. Create an event website

As we have seen, it is important to not overload the text in your invitation. This email must make the participants want to know more. For all of the details, invite your guests to connect to the dedicated event website. Don’t worry, you do not need to be an expert in website creation. Connect to Evenium.net and in a couple of clicks create your event website and follow in real time your registrations. You know which participants are attending and those who have not yet replied so that you can remind them.

6. Personalize your email

Show your participants that you are not sending a generic invitation email but an invitation that is personal to them. This will retain their attention and make them more likely to attend.

We hope our tips will be useful. If you feel ready to create your invitations and event website, connect to www.evenium.net