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Transforming your events together

Boasting over 23 years of expertise in the event industry, Evenium provides comprehensive support to planners throughout every phase of the event organization journey. From registration to digital onsite check-in, networking to interactive features, and comprehensive reporting, we utilize our vast expertise to develop tailored solutions that tackle our client’s unique challenges, empowering them to achieve their business goals. Committed to innovation, we continually optimize event organization processes, enhancing the overall experience for organizers, attendees, and presenters alike.

How it all started...

The Evenium journey began in the year 2000, with co-founders Avner and Eric riding the wave of the digital revolution. Their vision was to leverage emerging technologies and transform the event planning landscape. While the team has grown to include new talents, our unwavering focus remains on meeting client expectations through the continuous development of innovative solutions.


Avner Cohen-Solal, CEO Evenium S.A.

Avner Cohen-Solal is Co-founder and President of Evenium, a tech company pushing the frontier of live, interactive collaboration and learning with the intent of fundamentally transforming the participant’s event experience. Avner is dedicated to providing solutions for event management and attendee engagement, striving with his team to transform ideas into commercial innovations. An Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom Paris (ENST) graduate, Avner worked for Bouygues Telecom and Schlumberger before founding Evenium with co-founder Eric Amram in 2000.

Eric Amram, CEO Evenium Inc.

Eric is a strong advocate of interactive in-person meetings and is passionate about technology that pushes the frontier of live, interactive collaboration and learning with the intent of fundamentally transforming the participant’s event experience. An Ecole Polytechnique and M.I.T. graduate, he established Evenium as the reference technology platform for professional meetings in Europe with co-founder Avner Cohen Solal before moving to Silicon Valley in 2013 to expand Evenium Inc. in the North American and LATAM markets.

My work is most fulfilling when we build relationships with our clients. It's not just about transactions; it's about exceeding expectations and fostering lasting connections.

Client Testimonials

Evenium offers a robust set of collaboration tools that help me facilitate inclusive group discussions that result in better outcomes, efficient data gathering, and reporting.
Melissa Majors
For our sales meeting, our consultant recommended Evenium as a way to capture every idea and help us get feedback from the field. Using open questions and ranking polls, we defined our sales priorities for next year. The app was very easy to deploy and the adoption rate was over 95%.
Yaron A.
I am the queen of transfers and hotel management for 200 people thanks to Evenium. Evenium allows us to simplify very complex schedules for our participants when handling complex events.
Nathalie C.