Next-generation virtual and hybrid events

Easily host interactive and collaborative experiences with Evenium ConnexMe.

A single platform

Our platform simplifies setup, streaming and use for everyone and for all kinds of virtual and hybrid events.

No download needed

Events can be accessed from any browser or device without installing any additional software.

Top-rated Support

Our customer success team has years of broad experience to help you…

Whether you’re hosting a small meeting, webinar, or large virtual/hybrid event with thousands of participants, our integrated event platform, Evenium ConnexMe, can fulfill all your requirements. From interactive presentations to collaborative workshops, design unique event experiences to meet your event objectives.

Choose the event format that best fits your needs

From a keynote with one speaker to a round table with multiple speakers and a moderator, our event app and virtual event platform Evenium ConnexMe gives you the freedom to design the event you want.

Live video streaming

Stream high-quality video through our event app and virtual platform, Evenium ConnexMe.


Evenium ConnexMe is integrated with Zoom and Webex, and directly within Microsoft Teams. Stream any RTMP feed through the event app and virtual event platform.

Multiple sessions

Host several sessions at the same time, each with its own presenters, video stream, live feed, polls etc.

Go beyond simple video conferencing

Foster conversations and encourage collaboration to create unique experiences that will make your event a success.



From Q&As to a wide array of polling, Evenium ConnexMe gives you powerful tools to easily engage your audience and gather insightful information.

Live collaboration

Use Evenium ConnexMe’s brainstorming tool and live document collaboration to be inclusive, encourage teamwork, and easily reach consensus.


Help your participants connect in meaningful ways with private messaging, setting up meetings, access to public profiles, and live chat.

Give your content a second life

The content you spent hours crafting shouldn’t have an expiration date! Let participants access a replay and search the event transcript for the content they missed or want to see again . Give your event the long-lasting impact it deserves!


Someone missed your event or wants to watch it again? Your participants can access the event replay in ConnexMe.

Transcript search

Save your participants’ time by letting them easily search the event transcript for each instance where a keyword was used.

Watch a 3min video

Watch a quick tour of our Mobile Event App in action. 

Watch an on-demand demo

Watch how we can solve your biggest event challenges in just 30 minutes.

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Learn how we can solve your unique pain points with a personalized demo.

Client Testimonials

My sales reps loved it. For our sales meeting, our consultant recommended Evenium as a way to capture every idea and help us get feedback from the field. Using open questions and ranking polls, we defined our sales priorities for next year. The app was very easy to deploy and the adoption rate was over 95%.
Yaron A.
Evenium was straightforward to access and use, and it works as expected! Aside from the usual agenda, attendee list, speaker list and so on, the slide sharing and collaborative tools were particularly noteworthy in helping me better understand what was being presented. I recommend this app highly !
Hervé K.
Event Planner
Quick to deploy and encourages collaboration. App set up was so simple and using the interactive features required no additional hardware or software, and in fact just about everything during the live event was controlled from my smartphone with usually a click or two.
Sherry S.

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