Use Cases

Discover ways to transform the event experience and improve participant engagement


Host inclusive and participatory webinars with ConnexMe.

Small meetings

Host interactive and productive small meetings with ConnexMe.


Foster collaboration through a simple and organized process with ConnexMe’s Brainstorming tool.

Q&A with presenter

Make your plenary sessions and workshop even more participative and interactive by encouraging discussions between participants and speakers through Q&A.

Presentation involving the audience

Organize a unique and personalized session by letting participants decide which way they want the presentation to go.

Brainstorming session recap

How to compile the main ideas developed during a brainstorming session.


Promoting your sponsors

Is your event sponsored ? Increase the visibility of your partners to promote lead generation.

Multilingual event

Make your sessions even more inclusive by allowing participants from different countries to follow the event in their own language.


Measure the impact your speakers have in a debate by involving the audience before and after the debate.

Knowledge evaluation

Don’t lose any participants during your workshops or trainings by ensuring their understanding throughout the session.

Group work

Encourage group work and collaboration among participants to increase engagement during your events.

Choosing the winner

Forget about long and boring awards ceremonies and give participants a quick way to choose the winner in one vote.

Lead generation

Generate more leads by letting sponsors capture participants’ information easily.


Decision maker

Events represent an important part of Marketing budgets and C-suite decision makers need to see concrete business results.


In our ultra-connected world, event attendees are constantly surrounded by distractions and the work of speakers to captivate their audience can be challenging.

Event Planner

The role of Event Planners is rapidly changing from event organizer to a role that requires more strategic and analytical thinking and design know-how.