Tips: how to Increase Event app Adoption

You have put an event app at your guests’ disposal to encourage them to interact, keep them informed and facilitate networking during your event. We can only applaud you for this! Here are some of our tips for you, so that a maximum number of guests use the mobile app for your event.

Before the event:

Inform your guests by email

Do you invite participants to your event by sending them email invites? By using an online solution to manage enrollment for your event, your guests automatically receive a confirmation email at the time of enrollment. We recommend including a description of the event app, and inviting participants to connect to it as early as possible.

Use the event enrollment website

On your event website, present the mobile app and explain to your guests what its added value will provide: they will find all useful information related to the event (schedule, site maps, etc.), their networking will be easier and they will be able to actively participate by sending messages and participating during votes.

Communicate a QR code to download the app

Add a QR code to your full range of communications pertaining to the event. This will allow for a seamless downloading of your event’s app.

Use social media

Encourage participants to link their social media profiles to the app, which will encourage other participants to do the same and improve networking. Also, create a hash tag for the event.

During the event:

Present the app at the beginning of your event

During the opening speech, ask the speaker to present the app to the participants. How do you do this? We have a short presentation designed especially for this very reason and it is customizable for your event. We created it just for you, so please ask our team.

Communicate connection information at all times

Constantly display app connection information on screen, on leaflets, posters or other means (display event code, instructions on downloading the app, etc.).

Start a fun survey

In order to familiarize your guests with the app, offer participation through an informal vote. This will allow them to tackle the app hands-on, to start sharing in an informal manner and to create bonds. For example, you might ask them:
What is your favorite airline?
If you were a superhero, who would you be?
Who do you think will win Roland Garros?

Use the help of “accomplices”

Before the event itself, identify people that are most comfortable with the app and ask them to post comments from the very beginning of the event. This encourages others to do the same.

Reward the most active contributors

From the very beginning, inform all participants that a surprise awaits those attendees that have contributed the most during the event.

Last tip:
Have you thought of those guests who won’t be able to make it? Offer them participation by posting their questions and comments directly to the speakers (or moderator) using the app.