ConnexMe 8.5: Product update

ConnexMe’s newest features encourage networking and visual collaboration to engage your participants during your events and enhance their event experience.

Make networking easy with ConnexMe’s new Advanced Search feature

Networking is one of the main reasons attendees come to an event. To increase networking at your events, ConnexMe’s participant list has a new Advanced Search feature allowing to extend the search for a keyword to participants profiles. This feature will help participants find what they are looking for more easily.

Elevate the event experience with visual collaboration

Keep your participants engaged throughout your events with ConnexMe’s improved visual collaboration features. Participants are now redirected automatically toward the right slide, like when a poll is launched, so they can easily take part in the visual vote.


Offer your participant a smooth login experience 

Make it easier for participants with Apple devices to log into ConnexMe. Using their Apple account via Touch ID or Face ID, participants can now access the event instantly.

Broaden your privacy options

Privacy is an important topic that shouldn’t be overlooked at events. The latest release of ConnexMe offers attendees that don’t want to share their digital business card when they are scanned by another attendee the option to deactivate the data sharing feature directly from their profile.

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