ConnexMe – Summer Product update

This new update of the event app ConnexMe focuses on the event planners, offering new features to help them easily manage their events directly from the app.

Sessions registration now available in ConnexMe

It’s not always easy to know the final event agenda, with all the different sessions, months in advance when registrations are opened. But fear no more, with ConnexMe’s new update, attendees can register to a session in one click from the Agenda tab. The registration feature in ConnexMe takes into account quotas and inform attendees in case they have already registered to another session at that time.

Don’t let attendees lose track

So attendees never lose track between the workshop sessions and plenary sessions, the new ConnexMe update allows planners to change the virtual room in ConnexMe for all attendees. A notification will be sent to them to let them know of the change.

Although this update of ConnexMe mainly focuses on event planners, we didn’t forget the other stakeholders that help make an event a success

Helping presenters warm up

Using a new technology for the first time can be stressful and even more when it happens in front of an audience. To help presenters familiarize themselves with ConnexMe, we’ve created a virtual room that can only be accessed by presenters. There they can test the different kind of votes and train for the D-Day.

Improving networking and lead generation with exportable private notes

Private notes can now be added to a contact directly from the attendees list section or when a guest’s badge is scanned. This new feature is very useful for sponsors and exhibitors to gather important data and help them with lead generation. Attendees will also find it beneficial for their networking activities.

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