ConnexMe: Your event app is now even more efficient

A year ago, we launched a huge internal project to further optimize performance of Evenium ConnexMe, our interaction and networking mobile app. We are thrilled to inform you that the new version of the app will be available shortly!

What project did we carry out exactly?

Without getting into technical details, we’ve changed our server architecture to optimize responsiveness of your ConnexMe app.

ConnexMe: the mobile app for all your corporate events, even the largest ones

Are you organizing an event with over 10,000 participants? No problem, all of your guests will be able to connect to the app simultaneously and interact with each other.

Exchanges are always faster and more fluid

The ConnexMe app is even more responsive: your guests’ comments will be displayed almost instantly onscreen. This speed is also visible for organizers, who will be able to display the results of surveys even more quickly.

Take total advantage of the app for even longer

Mobile apps have the tendency to deplete the battery life of your portable phones. We have all been there and had that frustrating experience! That’s why we optimized the power consumption of our mobile app Evenium ConnexMe, to make it more energy-efficient.

Would you like to digitize your event and offer your guests an interactive experience? Get in touch! 

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