Promote networking between participants

The interactive and networking Evenium mobile app “ConnexMe” has an new feature to always foster networking during your events. Discover how to help your guests meet relevant people for their business!

On your guest-list page, you can now provide more details for each participant profile. How? By adding two new fields that will appear underneath the name of participants e.g. the country, function, or even the department in which the person works. Participants will now be able to search for other guests more easily for networking.

networking event connexme

Good news: you do not have to enter the information yourself for every guest. Use Evenium Net to create your event website, manage invitations and registrations., and add the fields that seem relevant to you on your event registration form. For example, ask your guests to specify the department in which they work, or their country. This information will automatically appear on in the ConnexMe event app.

The good news does not stop there. Did you know that you can now share your event documents with all your guests through the app?

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