Who are you working with? Meet Pascale Maes, the head of sales at Evenium

Pascale Maes is the head of sales at Evenium. Having worked there for several years now, her role within the company has evolved although the focus has remained the same – to help you meet your needs and advise you to the best of her abilities.

– How long have you been working at Evenium for?

I did an internship at Evenium seven years ago – initially I wanted to work in the events industry. I’ve always enjoyed organising parties and small gatherings – at university I was the president of the student union, and I’ve been told it was the most festive year ever. In the end, I didn’t join an events agency and decided to go with Evenium instead – boy was that a good call. Not only do I get to work in the sector that interests me, but I also get to advise event agencies.

– What is your role at Evenium?

My role at Evenium has evolved a lot over the last seven years. I joined as an intern and now I’m head of the department. Initially I handled event agencies and over time I started handling key accounts too. Currently I manage two teams: the client-care team and the new business team. The client care team handles all existing clients, and it offers them advice and accompanies them all the way through their projects. The new business team seeks to acquire new clients and offers them advice regarding digital products and events.

– What have you learnt over your time at Evenium?

I’ve gained important technical skills – when I first started it wasn’t an area I was particularly comfortable in, but Evenium has taught me well and now I can break down technical concepts to make them more accessible – and I have to say I enjoy it!

– What aspect in particular do you like about your job?

What I most enjoy is building relationships with others, whether they are with my colleagues or my clients. I am particularly satisfied my work when my clientsfeel they can trust me and I can take an advisory role. That being said, I am still a sales executive at heart, so I can’t say I’m not delighted when I manage to win over new clients too.

– How is the events sector evolving in your eyes?

The market has evolved a great deal over the last few years. When I joined Evenium, the economic crisis was transforming the sector. We went from flashy and expensive events to less expensive ones with a greater focus on content. The emergence of the digital sector combined with the web boom had an enormous impact on the industry. Ever since, web tools have become indispensable when organising events. Increased use of social networks has accustomed people to interacting frequently and actively taking part, which has in turn influenced their expectations at events. Therefore events themselves have had to become participative and interactive.

– How can you be contacted?

However suits you best. I can be contacted on LinkedIn, by email – contact@evenium.com – or you can call +33 1 47 70 61 27. You can choose and I look forward to hearing from you 🙂