New ConnexMe features – Gamification & Simplicity

Engagement and simplicity are a huge part of Evenium’s priorities when designing new features for the ConnexMe platform and app. This is why we have developed new interactive tools and facilitated access to the platform for the release of the ConnexMe 10.3 update. Discover the three new ConnexMe features.


1. Leaderboard

New connexme features - GIf of a participant using the leaderboard feature in ConnexMe

A leaderboard or Challenge makes it possible to assign a score and a classification to participants according to their actions during an event, in particular the answer to quizzes. It’s part of the gamification process, which proves to boost participants engagement and collaboration. It’s a powerful collaborative lever to make discussions interactive and entertaining. More motivated to find good ideas, participants feel valued when they find new answers.

Promote the most invested collaborators and participants by adding the leaderboard to your surveys and organize contests using the results podium.


2. Participants feedback

New connexme features - Participant feedback in ConnexMe


Participants can now give their you their feedback about the event directly from ConnexMe with the improved “Feedback” feature. This new tool allows you to collect impressions from your audience easily and directly from the platform. Thus, you stay as close as possible to the expectations of your participants and gather enriching and actionable data for the organization of your next events.

You receive their feedback directly via email with each new submission from a participant.


3. No-email quick access

New connexme features - Login page for ConnexMe app

ConnexMe now allows quick access mode without email or password. Useful for meetings and workshops that require attendees to connect within seconds. Simply configure it in the options when designing your event.


Do you want to discover these new features, and many others, during a live demo? Contact our team for a one-on-one.


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