Product update : ConnexMe 10.2

It is an eventful year planned for the Evenium #eventsprofs community. Indeed, Evenium is currently developing several new features scheduled to launch throughout the year. Who said Christmas was a one-time a year event? Not for Evenium!

Because we aim to always provide the best tools for you and your organisation, to always stay on top of the latest technology trends as well as our community’s expectations and demands, we are proud to present the latest features available on ConnexMe.

Let’s take a look at the new February 2022 features:


1. Polls countdown

Evenium is introducing countdowns as part of the new interaction tools launching this coming year. Create excitement and anticipation when launching a poll by adding a countdown. You choose which polls you want to add a timer to and you’re good to go! Pause the countdown at any moment if your participants need more time than you have initially allowed.


2. In-app RTMP streams

You can now generate an RTMP feed code directly from within the app. No need to call or email the CSM team to help you. You’re fully autonomous and you can set up your studio all on your own. We’re still absolutely happy to help if you ever need our advice or our help, but you get to work however you want to, on your own time. Because you’re the real event maestro.



3. Scannable QR-codes for any document



Do you have documents you want participants to access easily? Sometimes documents can add up, especially when you’re hosting a longer event with numerous  simultaneous sessions. Although we’ve made sure to make finding a document as easy as possible by making it possible to attribute each one to a session, sponsor, exhibitor or even speaker, we felt the need to make the life of events professionals even lighter. 

You can now create a QR-code for any document of your choosing following the steps shown above on the computer screen. ConnexMe will then generate a document you can send out, print or even share on the stage. Participants can  scan this QR-code with their phone or tablet to immediately open the document in their browser as shown below. 


4. Archive comments threads

Want a cleaner live feed? Perhaps declutter before hosting the next session in the same room? You can now archive a comments and polls thread in three simple clicks. You may choose to archive the whole feed or just part of it.
Once your live feed has been archived, you can restore the archived content at any time in one click. 



Book a demo and get a good look at the updates!

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