Tips: Make your Event Last

Your event has just ended, the participants have left, but you don’t want the experience to end there (and neither do they). How do you maintain the momentum created during the event and keep the dialogues flowing? Here are our tips.

Gather feedback from participants

As soon as your event ends, connect with participants to gather their views on the event they just experienced. This allows them to revisit the event, and provides you with data to analyze what really worked and where there is room for improvement. This situational analysis will enable you to adapt your events better to the participants and strengthen their loyalty. To do this, just send participants an email that links to an online satisfaction survey. Ask them for their opinion on different aspects of the event: content, scheduling, guest welcome, accommodation, etc. With Evenium’s online solutions, you will obtain live feedback and you can contact those who have not yet responded with one simple click.

Share memories of the event

A few days after the event has ended, share pictures and videos taken during the sessions with all participants. This way, they will relive the event and remember its great moments. In a few clicks, embed them on your event website. You can even add a new “Album” page. What’s the easiest way to send them your best pictures and videos? Just send an email to the participants with a direct link to this page. Using Evenium’s Facility online management platform, you can choose to make content visible to all or you can make it visible only to those who receive the email with the link. Add as many pictures as you wish, arrange them however you like, and share the greatest moments of your event with participants!

Create a community around the event

What better way to make your event live on, than to get participants together again in one place? How? By offering them the option to easily continue connecting via the interaction and networking app Evenium ConnexMe. Thanks to this app, they can continue sharing ideas, content and messages. In doing so, they will stay connected with each other and…with you too!

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