Advice for Recruiters: Organize an interactive Event

Christophe Pennont Eiffage ConnexMe

How to attract and recruit new talent in your company? For Christophe Pennont, Digital Marketing Manager & Innovation at Eiffel industry, events is a good way to create a first link with sponsored students. To make a real difference, they used the Evenium ConnexMe mobile app. Here’s his feedback.

On September 17th and 18th, we organized a two day event to introduce our company to hundreds of young students from one of the most prestigious engineer school in Paris, l’√©cole Centrale. We wanted to discover the most interested students in our industry sector in order to encourage them to want to come join our teams.

On the first day we invited students to discover, on the ground, our trades. The morning of the second day was more studious, we had created presentations detailing our different activities. It was on this occasion that implemented the use of interactivity by using the ConnexMe app.

‘Invite promising students to an event is a great way to establish a first link with them. To organize a different and attractive event, we offered the use of ConnexMe.’

For the first time, we had put at the disposal of our participants the app ConnexMe to create interactivity, link and make less academic presentations. We wanted to show that our company is at the forefront of technology and attractiveness.
We also wanted to keep participants alerted during the morning of presentations. It is not always easy to stay alert when one is passive, sitting in a room. By organizing votes during the presentations we immersed participants into our universe. For example, we asked them: what evokes for them the word “industry”. We had also highlighted the importance of our businesses asking them “how much do you think the cost of a day late on the construction of the Harmony of the seas (great ship of the world)?”

‘With ConnexMe, the participants remained alert and engaged during presentations.’

We used the app to bring interactivity during the presentations but it had also been used for networking, we were able to see the number of exchanges in messages between our company recruiters and participants.
Through ConnexMe we were able to identify the most active contributors and therefore most interested in our trades. Our recruiters have granted them special attention during one-on-one meetings. The use of such an mobile app was a first and it was very appreciated since we had used it for 100% of our guests. What a success it was! We are certainly going to re-use ConnexMe!
I would also like to thank Evenium, especially Alexandra Vaillant (sales manager) for her assistance, Edward de Bouillane and Marlene Caldeira (Client-care team), for their advice and their efficiency.