Discover Christophe, R&D Director at Evenium

We develop the best new technologies for your events and meetings. How? Thanks to our dynamic and efficient development team. We would like to introduce our Development Managing Director: Christophe Arnaud.

– When did you join Evenium?

I joined Evenium almost 9 years ago. At the time it was still a small company which consisted of about 10 employees. I wanted to work within a small structure for the work flexibility it provides. And most importantly, Evenium offered innovative projects and various technologies! The events sector was completely unknown to me, I was about to discover.

-What is your role within Evenium?

I am the Research and Development Director. My primary role is to drive the Evenium development team which is composed of IT engineers, who are always ready to meet new challenges. Adding to this there are some well established characters, you realize that it can be a very important role. Furthermore, I determine the technical path of the company: architectures, tools, services, methods of development, Q&A. Finally, I engage with our clients in the case of major projects.

What have you learned from your experience at Evenium?

I have learned how to lead a team. On the other hand, I sometimes have to sacrifice the the small things so that we can benefit from the big projects – you cant’t always do everything, you to chose what is important to do and what needs to be left aside. Being attentive to whats going on in order to meet the needs of customers.

-What is it, that you particularly like in your line of work?

I love when a project is carried out with efficiency. When we respond quickly to the demands of the customers or collaborators, and that in the end thye customer lacks nothing for his event – the essential is there.

I like the teamwork, the relationship between coworkers and clients, the difficulty of these relationships and also the rewards they provide.

-How is the events’ industry evolving according to you?

It is the prevalence of web and mobile tools. Digitizing a maximum of things, offering more and more services for agencies who organize events for their clients, but also for the participant. Smartphones and tablets have just become the norm, these are either used to scan a ticket at the entrance of the event, start a poll from the stage on the big screen, send a notification to all workshop participants about a last minute room change or to ask the speaker…

From a technical point of view this translates information into feeds, updates and much more, which requires elastic and resilient infrastructure. There has also been a proliferation of specialized services (updates in real time, statistical and data aggregated, full text, search…) brings us to rethink the architecture and code deployment tools. Finally the whole idea is being more and more globalized and it requires to be able to provide the same quality service, the same speed of use, whether you are in Paris or San Francisco.

-How do I contact you?

You can contact me via LinkedIn. I look forward to hearing from you !