Liven up your event – Use an animated photo gallery

Here is the very latest feature in the Evenium ConnexMe app to liven up your corporate event, showcase your guests and encourage networking: discover the animated photo gallery!

What is an animated photo gallery?

The Evenium ConnexMe app now allows you to display pictures of all participants on screen, creating a dynamic photo gallery.

animated photo gallery

To really bring your event to life, the pictures are animated: they move across the entire screen.

You can change the background or the color of the photo gallery to comply with the graphic corporate guidelines of your event.


What advantages?

Create emulation and liven up your event

Display the photo gallery during down times at your event – for example when participants are getting seated in the venue. This waiting phase will be much more pleasant, as participants will spend their time getting to know the others. Your event will also be valued by the quality of the guests that are displayed on screen.

Encourage your guests to take charge and use the app

As they discover the other participants’ profiles, your guests will feel compelled to fill out theirs too. To do this, they will connect to the ConnexMe app and in doing so will familiarize themselves with the event’s app.

Showcase your guests

The ConnexMe app animated gallery not only displays pictures of the participants, it also randomly shows their profile. The other guests will discover the last name, first name, position, as well as the company (or department, in the case of an internal event) of the participant, while his or her profile is displayed on screen.

Facilitate networking

This is certainly the most important advantage: showcasing your guests allows them to get to know other people present and make interesting connections! They save precious time networking.


How does it work?

By connecting to the ConnexMe app, participants fill out their virtual “business card” with professional information such as their company, missions, etc.

profile participant event app

Participants can also add a picture taken on the spot, from their phone or by synching one of their social network profiles with the ConnexMe app. It’s that simple!

event app pic

As soon as a participant adds a picture, it is automatically added to the animated gallery.
Via the app’s back-office, in a single click, the organizer can choose at any moment to display the animated gallery on screen or to remove it.

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