Product Update – ConnexMe 8.4

The new update of our event app ConnexMe makes it easier for event planners to get feedback and better targeted data from attendees.

Get your participants’ feedback on the spot 

You won’t have to wait anymore for the post-event satisfaction survey to know what your attendees thought of your event, session, meal or activity. With ConnexMe 8.4 new “Evaluation” poll, you can get a sense of your attendees’ level of satisfaction. On top of getting a better response rate due to immediacy, this new poll allows you to evaluate several criteria in one vote. This is another way to gather all the information you need to know your attendees’ overall feedback and use it in your event reporting and when planning your next event.

Poll your audience by category

With ConnexMe 8.4, you can now target one category of attendees when you launch a poll. This new feature allows you, for example,  to send your clients different “Evaluation” polls than your internal team or to poll only one category of attendees.

Make your votes more flexible

Attendees can now change their answer to a vote or close a poll to answer it later.

Learn more about ConnexMe’s new update