IMEX America: EVENIUM talks about how to make event planners even more strategic

As part of the work started with the publication by Event Manager Blog in partnership with EVENIUM of the ebook Transforming Your Career: From Event Planner To Event Strategist, our team has been sharing our vision to make event planners even more strategic. IMEX America, that took place in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, was the perfect place to talk about it with event professionals from all over the world.

Ben Leikach from EVENIUM speaking with Julius Solaris

During the Event Innovation Lab organized by Event Manager Blog and a campfire organized by the Meeting Design Institute, we’ve shared with our audience why event professionals need to embrace event tech to be able to embrace a more strategic role as Event Strategists. On top of freeing event planners from logistics and saving time, event tech, especially event apps like ConnexMe, gets them closer to the content, i.e. the heart of the event. By designing and facilitating interactivity between the audience and the presenter, event planners have central role in event design and therefore are involved in every strategic decision. Providing the tool for event interactivity gets them a seat at the decision-making table.

Eyal Hadida from EVENIUM explaining how to craft the best polling questions

Always working to make events more engaging for participants, we also participated in a campfire organized by IMEX America to discuss how to become a “poll master” by crafting the best questions to engage your audience. Eyal Hadida, Project Manager at EVENIUM, explained why it’s important to ask polling questions whose answers will have an impact during the event and to create questions that generate curiosity among participants around what other participants will answer and/or how the speaker will react.

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