Push notifications: 5 tips to maximize their impact

Do you want to organize an event and keep your guests updated? Send them push notifications! They are less intrusive than text messages, and are deemed more efficient than an e-mail for communicating with your audience. Discover our tips to enhance your use of this communication tool.

What do « Push notifications » mean ?

A « push notification » is a message which is sent to users through their smartphones or tablets. This message is directly related to an app installed on the device used.

Therefore, you will need a mobile app for your guests with regards to your event. With Evenium’s ConnexMe app you can share all practical information live with your audience, such as the agenda, an interactive map and, of course, push notifications.

Your guests don’t have to be on the app in order to receive your message. That’s why push notifications are so useful!

5 tips to maximize their impact

1. Prepare your notifications in advance

With the ConnexMe app, you can prepare your messages in advance, even before the start date of your event. On the day-of, all you will have to do is click on « Send » in order for all (or a select group of) your guests to receive your notification.

2. Do not spam your guests

Only send relevant information to your guests, for example, a change of organization for your event. Furthermore, you can use push notifications to inform your guests that a speaker will be late or for a room change alert, etc.

3. Adapt your messages

Send short messages with only the key information. Be brief and concise!

4. Target your messages

You can choose who you will send your notifications to – for example, the guests who are registered to a specific session, speakers, etc. If you send messages to guests who shouldn’t be concerned, you might risk having people deactivate their push notifications coming from the app for your event.

5. Respect the correct timing

Have you prepared your push notifications in advance? Perfect! Now you need to make sure that they are sent at the correct time. With the ConnexMe app you can easily access the back-office in order to send your notifications at the given time.

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