Event management: Discover how BNP Paribas organizes internal events

Each year, BNP Paribas brings together a few hundred employees from their Security department in order to reflect on the past year and to present their annual plan and objectives. The 2015 edition took place last October 26th and 27th in Paris. Jérémy Goupille, communications officer at BNP Paribas – Security Service global group, was in charge of the organization for the event. Here is his feedback.

« We wanted our guests to meet each other in order to create a professional bond »

Global Security Days is an annual event, however, this edition was somewhat different because for the first time, we were coming from all four corners of the world. We wanted our guests, who work together all year round but don’t necessarily know each other, to network and interact.

« A number of tools were used to better the organization and enhance networking for the event. »

We have used Evenium’s solutions to help us with registrations, and enhance on-site reception. The Evenium ConnexMe App helped us animate our event and boost networking.

« The organization of the event proved a lot easier with Evenium’s online solution called Facility »

In order to create our event website, manage invitations and registrations, we opted to use Evenium’s solution called Facility. It was the very first time that I was using such a tool; it’s a great help. Fed up with the old Excel files that are hard to keep up to date, Facility really helps with the organization of the event.

« To enhance on-site reception, I would recommend using the app called OnSite »

Before the start of the event, we sent out an email to our guests to remind them to print their badges and bring them on the day of the event. As usual, a lot of them turned up without their badges. This did not slow down the process because we were using the OnSite app. With regards to the on-site reception phase of the event, we were able to easily find out if the people who arrived were invited or not and we were able to track the number of people present.

« Thanks to the mobile app ConnexMe, we were able to enhance the dynamics of our different sessions by organizing votes. »

Two weeks before the event, we informed our speakers that they could ask questions during their presentation. The speakers were very pleased to set up polls. They sent us their ideas for questions, we entered them onto the app, and they were able to easily ask them during their presentation.

« Being able to select questions asked by the audience during the presentations, and to share the most important ones with the speakers – A Q&A session has proven to be very efficient. »

At any time during the presentations, guests were able to ask questions to the speakers through the ConnexMe app. It’s a great plus! Firstly, it is great because our audience doesn’t have to wait for a Q&A session to ask questions. Secondly, it was great for the speakers because we were able to select the best questions whilst they were speaking. During the Q&A session we displayed the most important questions asked by their audience. This is a lot more effective than traditional Q&A sessions.

« We will certainly be re-using Evenium’s solutions for the next edition of our event. »

We are very pleased with Evenium’s solutions. We are in the midst of the event debrief and one of my colleagues is very interested in the mobile app ConnexMe. She will be using it for her next event just like us!

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