5 tips to strengthen team cohesiveness with the ConnexMe app

Are you organizing a corporate event to encourage relationships between your employees, strengthen team cohesiveness, and improve their motivation? What an excellent idea! According to the Coach Omnium study on business tourism, “around 9 employees out of 10 are enthusiastic to go to a seminar/convention”. They see it as an opportunity for maintaining relationships with their peers and entertaining the feeling of belonging to the community. Discover how the Evenium ConnexMe interaction and networking app is the perfect tool to strengthen cohesiveness in your teams during your events.

1. Connect your employees before the event

How? By giving them access to the Evenium ConnexMe mobile app from the time they confirm their participation at your event. They will then get an email presenting the app and explaining them how to connect to it. By simply downloading and opening ConnexMe on their smartphone or tablet, or going to the web version, they will find the attendee list in only one click. They’ll be able to search profiles for attendees that interest them and send messages or organize meetings.

2. Develop the sense of community

Begin by getting people to reveal something about themselves so that they get to know each other better, start to have informal exchanges, and create relationships. To do this, organize a vote by asking them a personal question. For example, it could be:
• What is your favorite airline?
• If you were a super hero, who would you be?

3. Create bonds through games

Before the event, create groups by mixing up different regions or countries. On the day of the event, ask your guests to find the other members of their group. To help them, send them hints such as “he has been working for 5 years in the IT department of the English division” or “she is one of the speakers of the sponsoring session”. If available to you, don’t hesitate to add a personal touch to the hints like ”he’s a Star Wars fan”, so that the meetings are casual and can easily allow bonds to form between your employees. How to collect such information? By offering your employees the possibility of giving it themselves on their enrollment form for the event. At the end of the day, acknowledge the group that found its members the most quickly by giving them a reward or other distinction.
The goal here is to encourage your employees to connect with each other in an independent yet playful and social way. Knowing that they will have multiple exchanges before identifying the members of their group guarantees that they will meet a high number of participants.

4. Make them collaborate efficiently together

Most frequently, events are made up of two main parts: plenary sessions and workshops. The latter, in small teams, represents the perfect opportunity to encourage your employees to exchange and interact with each other. Regroup them by table and ask them to come up with a solution to one of the issues that your company is facing. You can pick a different theme for each table or the same theme for all. With the ConnexMe app, each group can send its proposition to the others. Then ask all the participants to vote for the three suggestions that they find the most appropriate. During the plenary sessions, take up these propositions to show your employees that their opinion matters and that they have been heard.

5. Convey positive energy

With the ConnexMe app, your employees can share comments with other participants. Select positive comments and display them on the main screen, to share and communicate positive energy with the group. At the end of the meeting, share all the participation and interaction statistics: the number of private messages, organized meetings, questions asked, as well as the number of votes. This demonstrates everyone’s commitment and solidifies the sense of belonging to a dynamic and solid community.

If you wish to get more tips or discover the ConnexMe app in further detail, contact us!

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