Appageddon: The AppStore Guidelines Update and How It Affects Event Planners

We have some great industry news for Eventprofs around the world! Following Apple’s recent update, known across the industry as “Appageddon”, customized Event Apps are being rejected by the AppStore according to a close source in Silicon Valley.

How is this great news?

Evenium ConnexMe users only need one app to access multiple events. Furthermore, event organizers save costs by regrouping all their events into one event app. With only one mobile app, you don’t have to worry about updating individually tailored event apps.

Section 4.2.6 AppStore Update

For Apple, “Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected” from the AppStore. Apple’s objective is to reduce the amount of fake and cloned applications downloaded. That’s why every event app developed by developers using the exact same structures and technologies with only a different content and brand will be forbidden. In a couple weeks, all these branded native apps will no longer be available for download.

Event Apps Designed with the Participant in Mind

This is fantastic news for you and for your participants. From now on participants will no longer have to download a custom event app for every event that they attend in order to network and interact. And for event organizers? You’ll be able to focus on other urgent matters that come with organizing your events.

Since the very beginning of ConnexMe in 2010, Evenium has not only fought to simplify event management for event organizer, but also for the app users. It is a fact that branded native event apps are far less downloaded than universal applications that regroup several events. Apple has simply confirmed that our choice to develop only one app for all your events was the right one and proves that Evenium has not only been a trendsetter but continues to monitor market trends to perfect our solutions and carefully respond to our customer needs.

What About My Events that Use Evenium ConnexMe?

There is absolutely nothing to worry about! The new 4.2.6 rule from Apple will not affect Evenium’s capacity to offer you best-in-class apps for your event.

Indeed, our applications are submitted under the Evenium brand name and not under a specific event brand name. Your events are found “inside” our mobile apps, thus Apple could never consider it a branded event app. Our customers are safe from “Appageddon”.

We can thus continue to offer you solutions continuously adapted to your and your user’s needs. Solutions that are easy to use and to find on the AppStore.

Speak with An Event Tech Professional

If you’d like to speak with an Event Tech professional about your upcoming events and your current Event App to see if you’re safe from Appageddon, please let us know.

Find our application ConnexMe on the AppStore but also on GooglePlay:
The new event app ConnexMe is available on AppStoreThe ConnexMe Application from Evenium is now available in Google Play

Find our application OnSite on the AppStore  : The new event app OnSite is available on AppStore

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