Centralize and easily share all of your event documents

Share documents from the event with your guests with the all new version of ConnexMe. Add your documents and improve the effectiveness of your meetings and events!

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With one click, share the event’s content with your participants

Add your documents, whatever their format – excel, pdf, word, etc. Plus, add links to relevant websites (the event’s website, the hotel, etc.).

To add documents, connect to the back-office of the ConnexMe app.

Documents stay up-to-date

You want to edit a document sent to participants? It is extremely simple. Simply download the new version of the document, participants will then have automatic access to the new content.

Content may be accessed at any time by your audience

The content and documents are filtered by sessions and/or by speakers so that they may be viewed easily.

Participants also have at their disposal a search filter to easily find the document they’re looking for, enabling them to save time.

Measure, adapt and improve future modifications

You know how many times a document was downloaded. This data enables you to better understand the expectations of your audience and to tailor content for your next event.

Discover it now – the all new version of the ConnexMe app!


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