ConnexMe Summer 2017 Product Updates

It’s the end of the summer and that means that it’s time to go back to school and most importantly back to work. But at Evenium, “Back to School” is synonymous with “New Features”! The Evenium team has taken advantage of the summer to develop and improve ConnexMe to optimize the organization of your upcoming events.

Evenium ConnexMe in a Nutshell

The ConnexMe application enhances interactivity and networking during your events. This powerful Event App livens up your presentations regardless of the event, from conventions and seminars to meetings and training sessions. Evenium ConnexMe’s practical features are sure to be a real crowd pleaser. Engage your participants and allow them to interact with your presentations and among themselves thanks to its optimal networking features, all the while creating a dynamic event.

With Evenium ConnexMe…

  • Allow guests to access to the participant list
  • Provide the latest information about your event on the digital agenda
  • Share documents with your audience
  • Allow guests to take notes directly on your slides right from their smartphone or tablet
  • Brainstorm and leverage the group’s collective knowledge by using Visual Collaboration

What’s new in ConnexMe

Visual Collaboration, the new presentation game-changer

The Speaker’s new secret weapon has arrived! Thanks to the Evenium R&D team, we have made it possible for all ConnexMe users to collaborate visually, both the speaker and the participant. The presenter can now add live slide content during the presentation to animate the presentations and keep the audience captivated. For example, they can draw or complete graphs, progressively revealing its evolution right in front of the participants.

No need for specific equipment, get your guests involved by casting a vote. Now you no longer need to answer with a word or phrase, participants vote directly on the slide or the image. The results are presented in an extremely visual way on the display screen in the form of a heat map.

The possibilities are endless with Evenium’s innovation Visual Collaboration:

– Complete graphs forecasting your sales revenue;

– Highlight important data during your budget or executive meetings;

– Add text to your SWOT analysis on the spot;

– Find abnormalities during a medical seminar;

– …

With ConnexMe’s Visual Collaboration, you’ll invigorate your presentations by asking participants for feedback, offering them a new way to collaborate and retaining their attention.

Digital Chalk Talk

Speakers can complete their slide content on the spot, during their presentation. For example, they can draw or complete graphs right in front of the participants, progressively revealing its evolution. Intuitively animate your presentations and keep your audience alert.

Visual Polling

Without any additional equipment, engage your participants with the launch of a poll or a survey. From now on, there is no need to respond with only a word or even a phrase, participants can vote directly on your slide. Present the combined group responses in the form of a heat map on the main screen. Liven up your presentations by asking your participants for their opinion. Give them a new way to collaborate all while leveraging the group’s collective knowledge.

Find our new feature for ConnexMe to your visual polls and surveys

Zoom in on the Slides

Participants can zoom in on the presentation slides directly from their smartphones. They’ll easily be able to see all the content being presented, even if viewing presentations from a distance.
Thanks to that you allow them to view the entire slide content comfortably/effortlessly even when there’s a lot of information, or if they are far from the main screen. You can use this feature to help keep attendees connected to the presentation.

Find our new feature for ConnexMe to allow the guests to zoom on your slidesFind our new feature for ConnexMe to allow the guests to zoom on your slides

Rotating banners

Integrate animated banners to communicate with your participants. A simple click on the image brings them to a landing page of your choice. For example, you can highlight or thank your sponsors/partners or event promote an upcoming event or product. 

Find our new feature for ConnexMe to set rotative banners to communicate

Personalized Tabs

In addition to personalizing ConnexMe with your corporate colors, you can select which tabs to activate for your attendees. You can also choose a specific tab for your participants to directly land on. 

Allow a quick access to important information, personalize the event experience and even choose what your guests see first when they open the app.

Photo wall

Animate your events in real time with live photos. Participants can share their favorite moments with the other guests at any time. This attendee-generated content can be used in your future communications. Use it to create lasting interactions with your participants, making your event fun and memorable. 

You can also create a photo album and share it thanks to Facility, our all-in-one platform to manage your events.

Find our new feature for ConnexMe to display a wall of photos

Get Connected

Connecting to your event Wi-Fi is now a breeze. You no longer have to worry about the numerous requests for Wi-Fi networks and passwords. Your event’s connection details are displayed on the big screen. You can customize this widget with your company logo and corporate colors.

Find our new feature for ConnexMe to display the wifi connection ID and Password

Who’s Who

Display the photos of all the participants on the big screen thanks to the animated participant’s list feature. Animate your event with content on your screen and improve networking opportunities to showcase your participants.

Find our new feature for ConnexMe to create an animated photo gallery

Anonymous Mode

Organizers can let their guests participate anonymously. When Anonymous Mode is activated by the event organizer, guests can ask questions and add comments without having their name displayed on the main screen and in the live feed. You can activate anonymous mode only for certain sessions. Thanks to this new feature, you’re able to encourage those who are not too fond of public speaking to participate. 

Content Moderation

Be aware of new comments before they are posted on screen. The organizer can select the comments they feel are most relevant and choose when to display them. Comments can be shown either in a comment wall, as a popup, or as a single comment on the main screen. You can adapt the comment display mode to your type of event, whether it’s a seminar or keynote with a Q&A or even a panel discussion.


It would be our pleasure to present you with our latest updates of Evenium ConnexMe. Please contact us for a meeting or attend to one of our demo webinars.

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