Corporate events: Get your emailings done easily

You’re organizing an event, and it’s time to set up different emailings to send out to your guests. Of course, the typical invitation email comes to mind, but there are many others too: the email that will convey additional information to those enrolled, the reminder for when the event will take place, etc. The volume of emails that you have to send out can be quite high! How can you save time? Adopt an online solution to manage enrollments for your event. Little reminder: it’s free if your event is! There are many advantages to this:

Benefit from emailings that are already filled out

When you use an online solution to manage online invitations, you don’t need to create the entire content of your emailings yourself! We offer you a “standard email”. Use this template and complete it wherever you need. Also, the content of the emailings is automatically modified according to the nature of the event – public or private, paying or free, etc.

Reuse content from previous emails

You can also easily locate emails that you sent out for previous events. Get inspired from these different contents – event map, contact details, text etc. – to create emailings that will work best for your event.

Personalize your emailings

With the online Evenium Net solution, you can now personalize numerous emails, even those that are automatically generated by the platform: enrollment confirmation, information about pending payments, presentation of the ConnexMe app, etc. Just use the “standard email” mentioned before, add the components that you find useful (text, images, banner etc.) or modify them entirely, everything goes!

Automatically send out important documents

You can now benefit from an automatic sending system for important documents. From the time of enrollment, participants will automatically receive their ticket as well as bill by email, for paying events. This will save you precious time!

Want to find out more? Discover the Evenium Net online enrollment management solution and listen to our tips to create your website.

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