Use hashtags to liven up your event

After visual collaboration and the interactive photo gallery, we want to offer you a new way of animating your corporate event. How? By using hashtags! What do we mean by this, and how will your event benefit from it? Listen up!

Do you wish to organize an interactive event, during which participants will actively take part? With the ConnexMe app, they can share all of their comments and questions with the other guests as well as with the speaker. You don’t need any particular equipment for this, as they just use their smartphones, tablets or computers. Their comments are visible to all participants in the app and can also be displayed on screen one by one or complied on a comment wall.
Now, participants can also add hashtags to their comments in ConnexMe. Take a look at how this feature can benefit you:

Gather and share workshop results

Are you getting employees together and asking them to work in small groups on a specific project? With the ConnexMe app, it’s easy for you to gather feedback and suggestions. They directly share them with the other groups in the app. By asking them to add a hashtag to their response (for example: #table 1, #GroupB etc.) you will be able to locate and sort suggestions emanating from each group and display them as you wish on the presentation screen.

Easily locate desired content

During the event, many different themes are discussed, and different conversations begin. How can you find specific exchanges pertaining to one theme in particular? With the ConnexMe app, not only can participants locate exchanges from a particular moment in time, but they can also view all of the comments related to a specific theme. As the organizer, you can also choose to display comments with a specific hashtag..

What about Twitter hashtags?

For you, hashtags are synonymous with Twitter? We get it! With ConnexMe, tweets automatically appear in the app, are added to comments posted from the app. You can of course choose to display them or… not!

Find all the new updates of the Visual Collaboration to dynamise your events and engage your participants.

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