How LimaCorporate successfully shifted their events to virtual with Evenium

LimaCorporate is a global medical device company providing orthopedic solutions to surgeons. 

Pre Covid-19, the company used to organize live corporate events as well as internal meetings, both with international attendees. In the wake of the pandemic, they had to adapt and shift their events to virtual.

This shift raised a few questions:

  • How to keep the audience engaged throughout the event;
  • How to create a successful virtual experience that would impact the audience;
  • How to reach the different event objectives i.e. sharing knowledge, gathering feedback etc.

Faced with these new challenges, LimaCorporate decided to work with Evenium for their upcoming events. They used Evenium’s integrated suite of solutions to manage the participants list and invitations as well as to create a successful event experience.

Adapting to virtual

On top of reinventing their way of working as they were used to planning in-person events, LimaCorporate’s event team had to adapt their event program for a virtual audience. To address the shorter attention span, they planned shorter sessions, from 10 to 30 minutes, adding dedicated time in the agenda for discussions and breaks. Through the ConnexMe platform, participants had access to the full agenda with information on every session and could even register in advance

More flexibility for a better knowledge sharing experience

The event platform ConnexMe gave LimaCorporate the flexibility to design the sessions and content they wanted. Thanks to ConnexMe’s streaming capabilities, they were able to adapt their program to their objectives, for example sharing knowledge or strategies, designing sessions with one or several presenters. They were even able to stream two live surgeries throughout which participants could ask questions, offering them a true immersive experience.

During the different sessions, they used the question wall to display the questions from the participants that had been selected, allowing the audience to better follow the discussion.

Engagement, engagement, engagement…

To avoid virtual event fatigue and keep participants engaged, the team weaved different interactive activities throughout the event. They really wanted to create a participative experience and have even more impact. To help with that, they used ConnexMe’s many interactive tools.

“We used ConnexMe TV and the interactive tools of ConnexMe during a virtual event, participation was good and the tool is very easy to use from the participants’ side.” [Events Office, LimaCorporate]

The different polls including polls per categories, ranking polls and word cloud, helped them get insight from their audience and better understand them. Participants also had the opportunity to post pictures in the live chat and interact and network with their peers though private messages.

A successful event in numbers

One of the events LimaCorporate planned was a two-day education session with attendees from all over the world. The success of this event can be seen in the statistics of the event provided by ConnexMe:

  • 650 participants;
  • 414 participants took part in the different polls and votes;
  • 271 comments/questions were posted;
  • 215 likes were given.
“[Evenium] allows you to get a quick and accurate idea of the various types of participants at an event, confirmed and unconfirmed, creating detailed reports both pre- and post-event.”
[Events Office, LimaCorporate]

Another positive side of shifting to virtual was that the team could invite more people to their event and therefore there was an increase in participants in comparison to the previous years.

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