Essential Tips for your Event Website

Are you organizing an event? Do you wish to develop a website to spread the word, share all relevant information and allow guests to enroll? How can you do this efficiently? Here are our tips!

Organize your content

Important information should be visible to the users without them having to scroll down. You should really highlight the button allowing them to sign up and don’t hesitate to have a few of them, if your page is particularly long. The content should be easy to read and understand. Use short sentences, maybe even bullet points, so that the key information is always recognizable.

Focus on high quality content

Showcase the importance of participating in your event, while also making it clear that fast seat reservation is crucial.
Despite all the information on the website, some people may still have questions for you. Therefore you should always have a page, or a specific section dedicated to contact information. This way, users will easily be able to locate your telephone number or ask a question online.

Work on your design

They say you only get one chance to make a first good impression. Your website’s design is key here. It should make users want to take part in the event, optimally display your content and should also align with the event’s identity. For a pleasant reading experience, the different sections and paragraphs should be sufficiently airy and should put forth the most important elements.

Focus on the visual

As you have noticed, latest trends favor visual content over text. Use pictures and videos to attract new participants. For example, you can use pictures from previous editions or guest videos.

Link your social media pages

Connect your social media pages to your website so that users can follow you and access all the latest news about the event.
Spotlight your event by integrating important elements from your website (ticketing module, list of all organized events…) to all your social media pages. This way, interested users will be able to sign up in a single click, for example on your Facebook page – directly.

Add the list of participants

Show the list of people who have already bought their ticket to participate in the event. Quality and number of participants will highlight your event’s attractiveness and encourage undecided users to quickly take part as well.

Choose a turnkey solution

So you are not a web developer, and creating a website for your event seems like a daunting task? Benefit from an online solution and create an optimized website for your event – no technical knowledge necessary.
You will also gain precious time by duplicating your website from one event to another, and by reusing certain information (map of the event, accessibility info, contact page, etc.).

Choose the right URL

Use a short URL that mostly remains similar from one year to the next, so that users will be able to memorize it. It will also be easier to integrate into your communication supports.

Offer a responsive website

Online sales and reservations are more and more frequently based on mobile devices or tablets. Make sure that your website is accessible from every kind of equipment and device.

You wish to easily create a high quality website for your event? Discover our Evenium Net online solution or contact us to get more information!

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