How to Manage your Sponsoring activities: AccorHotels’ tips

As Sponsoring & Events coordinator, Aurélie Cren -along with her team- manages sponsoring activities for the AccorHotels group. To manage the « hospitality » side of operations, they use Evenium solutions to handle their different partnerships (client invitation for events). Using Evenium, they allocate seats to the different heads of the group, allowing them to manage their client invitations, partners, providers,etc, and to ensure that they feel welcome. Aurélie Cren gives us some feedback regarding her experience.

What type of events do you manage?

On this platform, we manage sponsoring activities and the public relations of various events that we partner in, such as shows and concerts in the AccorHotels Arena, Roland Garros games and BNP Paribas masters.

What are some of the issues that you face?

We have to efficiently manage hundreds of seats. They have to be allocated to different departments within the Group, so that they can invite clients. This requires intense logistics and is very time-consuming. Before having the Evenium Solution, we used Excel tables. It was far from ideal, as the work was far more tedious and errors occurred frequently.

How did you optimize management of your sponsoring activities?

We were looking for a complete solution that would enable us to manage public relations for our events from A to Z: communication relating to internal events as well as practical info pertaining to them, allocating seating quotas to the various inviting heads of our Group as well as inviting our clients in the most professional and efficient way possible. There are 3 levels of access on this platform:
– the Sponsoring department with administrator access
– employees with an « inviting party » access, that allows them to request client seats to the event of their choice
– guests that receive invitations and practical info.

Why is it important to you to have a solution with collaborative access?

It is paramount for us to have a platform to which all inviting parties have personal access. With the Evenium platform, they can go check the events list, request seats while specifying who they wish to invite, send their invitations and follow up on their guest list, receive practical info regarding events, etc.

In what way did the Evenium solution change your working style?

Besides simplification and optimization of corporate communication, Evenium has facilitated our administrative workload; it’s an amazing time saver! For example: we have all relevant information in one single tool, we don’t need to rewrite emails as we can duplicate them, etc.

According to you, what is the best thing about Evenium?

Definitely the follow-up! We have a dedicated contact, Laure, within Evenium’s customer service team. We can reach out to her whenever questions or specific needs arise. She is extremely reactive, has many suggestions and always looks for a solution.
To summarize: even though we are still working on optimizing this platform (we launched it less than a year ago), the Evenium solutions really save time and provide rigorous follow-up.

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