L’Occitane has chosen the mobile app ConnexMe to make its events more interactive

L’Occitane has chosen the mobile app ConnexMe to make its events more interactive while facilitating interaction between participants and making it easier for them to know when and where everything is. George Schmidt, CRM and Digital Marketing Manager, lets us know what he thinks about the app.

Important recurring events for l’Occitane

L’Occitane UK brings together its sales force twice a year. The first event is organized in April (and the beginning of the fiscal year) and the second takes place just before Christmas. The firm can use these events as an opportunity to assess the company’s performance over the previous six months and to present possible growth prospects and the next potential promotions. It is extremely important for us to be able to organize an interactive event – this is why we used ConnexMe.

Strengthening bonds

The guests are sales people who are not necessarily used to spending time with each other. Bringing them together provides them with an opportunity to meet each other, to speak to each other and to enhance their sense of belonging within the company. The guests sent each other lots of messages and liked each others’ profiles. To sum up, ConnexMe fulfilled its role as an aid when making first contact with another guest and facilitating communication.

Keeping guests active

There were many masterful presentations. We noticed that after a while guests’ attention started waning. We wanted to keep them active and nothing does the trick like organizing an interactive event, so we launched lots of polls. This encouraged the guests to give their opinion and kept them on their toes.

Help them remember things

The first time we used the application I gathered all of the speakers together the day before the event began (yes, that’s right…only the day before). I used this meeting to present ConnexMe to them and so that we could brainstorm to find questions they could ask to make their presentations more interactive.

Using ConnexMe became second nature to the guests

Ever since our first event, our guests have made full use of the event app. Furthermore, more than 90% of them actually used it! Because of this, we are no longer even able to imagine an event without this kind of tool!

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