Meet Alexandra Vaillant, Key Account Manager at Evenium

Alexandra’s goal is to help customers improve their event quality, by providing them with innovative solutions and advice. Find out more about her!

  • How long have you been working at Evenium? Could you introduce yourself?

I have been working at Evenium since August 2014. The company brings together the two fields that mean a lot to me: business and events. Before that, I worked in several dependent institutions for the Ministry of Culture I was their sales representative for their various event functions. When I learned that Evenium proposed a part-time sales position in the events sector, I immediately jumped at the chance for my last year of my Masters degree. I am now in working full-time at Evenium and I am delighted!

  • What is your role within the company?

I’m a Key Account Manager, this means that I create activity for Evenium mainly with major companies and their subsidiaries in France and abroad. I put my expertise at the service of our customers. I listen to them, advise them, in order to offer them solutions that meet their expectations. It’s like this that we build a relationship in the long term so that everyone finds what is right for them !

  • What are the advantages at Evenium?

Evenium is a very dynamic company which comprises itself with innovation. Our teams are great at listening to our customers in order to raise their requirements or even anticipate them! For example, the Facility platform, established in 2000 with the diffusion of the Internet in enterprises, has constantly evolved to accommodate client requests but also the evolution of the legislative framework. This brings us to today where we able to offer a tailor-made solution, dedicated to pharmaceutical laboratories and taking into account European laws. Recently, we also transformed our mobile app dedicated to corporate events to offer a unique innovation front on the market: the ‘Visual collaboration’! It’s extremely motivating to work within a company which is so strong!

  • What have you learned from your experience? What are have been your most frequent customer feedback?

The Events industry is changing. After barely a year and a half, I already noticed rapid changes of mentality: upon my arrival, most of our clients were shy, even chilly to the idea of using interactive solutions for their events and seminars. It enables participants, more active themselves. Today, it has almost become a prerequisite.

Feedbacks are also very positive, this changed the dynamics of the events, which were once very “top-down”. Now, participants are actively involved, they meet more easily – a real asset at the integration seminars – and the audience remains generally more studious! Smartphones being used during a plenary should not be regarded as a distraction, quite on the contrary.

  • What do you particularly like about your work? What-are you most proud of?

What I appreciate the most is, of course, the relationship with my clients. It is always a real satisfaction when one of them calls me saying “our event was super, the application has truly brought an edge to it, everyone loved it. Hearing an enthusiastic customer about the advice we provided to him/her is always very satisfying.

Also, being very connected via social media, including LinkedIn, it is a great pride to see photos of events with our mobile app ConnexMe. It really is a very good tool to broadcast an event. And I thank also our clients for their communication!

  • How can you be contacted?

I’ll be happy to answer your questions and discuss the possibilities of our tools! To do this, you can contact me on LinkedIn or by phone at (+33) 1 47 70 64 82

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