Meet Marlène Caldeira, Project Manager at Evenium

Marlène is a highly professional and energetic person, with a constant, and contagious, smile! She will help you throughout your event organization, and will make sure it is a definite success. Find out more about her!

  • How long have you been working at Evenium for?

After my high school diploma, I chose to study business at university. Curious and intrigued by new challenges, my enthusiasm for an entrepreneurial mind set allowed me to develop my skills both in marketing techniques, in project management and communication. Each aspect of the events industry is invigorating and interesting. In the last year, Evenium offered the opportunity to do my end of degree internship and to be a part of their team. The experience is challenging and rewarding both humanly and professionally. Thereafter, I continued my career in a communications agency until Evenium offered me to return. I accepted immediately! I am now a project manager and I look after their ConnexMe projects.

  • What is your role at Evenium?

I am part of the Client-care team, we offer technical support for our platform customers and we also have to maintain the client/company relationship. At Evenium, a project manager has two roles. His/her first and most important role is to accompany, support, advise clients with the management of their events at a distance and onsite on some occasions. His/her second role is to deal with the sales of existing customers. Such as sales proposals, feedback from clients, training seminars. Thes are various aspect which project managers deal with on a daily basis!

  • What have you learnt over your time at Evenium?

My experience at Evenium allowed me to develop my various skills. The customer relationship requests patience, compassion and pedagogy. However, you also have to exercise a sense of diplomacy and firmness in certain situations. When on site you need to know how to demonstrate autonomy and anticipation. Listening to clients and exchanging points are also two very important points in our business. From an operational point of view, I have been learning about computer language such as the CSS or HTML and I am proud of it :)! I love my job where I have been blossoming fully! Evenium became a family to me in which I feel good! Every day I learn new things and I’m getting better and better in others aspects of my job! I feel that it this has boosted my confidence with my professional view of things which has proved very positive and beneficial! I am challenged every day and I try to challenge myself with each new project I undertake.

  •  What aspect in particular do you like about your job?

I really love my job because it is very versatile. I also really enjoy taling to my clients and the relationships that we developed over time. Being on the field is the most challenging aspect for me: stress, spontaneity, meetings… So many points, I feel are useful and are found in the heart of the action!

  • How is the events sector evolving in your eyes?

The events sector has suffered during the economic crisis because they were the first to have been implemented budget cuts. The events in question will have a smaller budget to play with, however they will have to stay on top of their game to insure they stay in tune with competition and technology evolution. Events remain the showcase of a company that organizes it. Starting from this assumption, one quickly understands the importance of our tool, the ConnexMe app. Indeed, companies must show an innovative image using digital tools, tuned by facilitating discussions through interactivity. Many experts see the future of the event industry being 100% digitalised. The events would be held in places where the member doesn’t even have the need to travel to take part. However, I personally do not share the vision, this is because for me, the digital aspect of these events in question must be used as a tool to improve and facilitate the physical contact.

  • How can you be contacted?

I’ll be happy to answer your questions and discuss the possibilities of our tools! To do this, you can contact me on LinkedIn or by phone at (+33) 1 47 70 64 82

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