Live polling and Q&A
for Microsoft Teams

Bring more interaction into your Microsoft Teams meetings with ConnexMe’s live polls, quizzes and Q&A.

Run more interesting Teams meetings

ConnexMe is an intuitive, easy-to-use polling app for Microsoft Teams that will help you engage your participants, hear their ideas and help everyone connect meaningfully.

Create polls in advance

You can choose from 8 types of polls, quizzes, Q&A and ideas. Whether you want to collect ideas, exchange questions or get feedback, we’ve got you covered.

Manage polls and Q&A from your meeting

As meeting host, you can launch polls and moderate Q&A directly from your Microsoft Teams meeting window.

Hassle-free experience for your participants

Participants can answer polls, vote and ask questions right away. They don’t need to install anything on their end.

Get started in three easy steps