Outstanding sales meetings with ConnexMe

You’re bringing your sales force together to improve their ability to exceed sales quotas, and you want to deliver the critical messages they need to fully absorb about new products, selling strategies, sales initiatives or organizational change.
How can you:
• Energize the meeting?
• Present & motivate to maximize participation & learning?
• Easily enable networking and sharing of best selling tactics?
• Sell the sales team on your key points

Here’s a proven (step-by-step) guide to using ConnexMe for successful sales meetings:

Before the event: Engage your sales force

Invite and promote the meetingEmailing ConnexMe

The meeting owner sends an email to the attendee list at least 1-2 weeks prior to the meeting, highlighting one or more key components of the meeting that will elicit interest. The email should also include instructions to access the ConnexMe app along with a brief description of why or how it will be used.

Connect with sales colleagues and build the “buzz”

They can browse the entire guest list, find old friends or make new contacts (searching by name/position/country) and send private messages or meeting invites.

networking connexme
They’ll create new bonds, strengthen old ones, and feel part of the larger sales community – a key to motivating and empowering your sales organization.

Engage the team early and often

Every couple of days until the meeting, run a short poll in the app. Ask about things such as priorities and tactics they recommend to increase sales or improve performance, common questions and objections they hear, or the best cold call approach. Show these results during the meeting and connect them to your overall messages.

Example Poll:vote sales meetings
• Provide one idea to improve our product/services/sales process.
• What questions do you hear over and over again?
• I could sell more of our products/services if:
a. the pricing model was more competitive
b. our technology was more innovative or unique
c. we were able to respond more quickly to inbound requests for information
d. all of the above

Day of the meeting

Make everyone feel part of a team

Start the event with a poll that reveals a key characteristic about your audience. It’s an excellent way to confirm their use of the app during the meeting. You can also use off-the-wall or humorous questions to lighten the mood and get your sales team to relax.

Sample Poll questions:vote connexme
• What super power would you like to have?
• What is your favorite product?
• Which country/city do you come from?

Typical response rate for this type of interaction is around 92%, a good indicator that your audience is engaged and ready for what comes next.

Energize the sales team and set a positive mood

A) Select positive comments:comments connexme
Select positive or funny comments and «push» them to the speaker who can then share the positive energy with the entire group.
When comments are flowing in, display them live on the main screen with our “comments wall”.

B) Run a poll:
Run a quick poll to share your audience’s positive energy:

How enthusiastic do you feel about having tablets in-store?
a. Can’t wait!
b. Want to test a few first
c. Interesting, but very expensive
d. What’s the point? (don’t choose this one!)

Collect feedback from the “field” about key sales issues

Organize brainstorming sessions and collect feedback from your sales team through ConnexMe.
• What is the biggest obstacle to acquiring new customers?
• What are the top reasons a lead doesn’t close?
• What particular skills and behaviors make you successful?
• What are the most common questions prospects ask?

Use the collective intelligence of your team to improve the sales process and boost confidence. Incorporate brainstorming session feedback about best practices and share useful tips and techniques that may offer a selling advantage.

Strengthhen skills and explain new features or products

Are you presenting new products or feature sets to your sales team? They need to understand product details and their selling points to be successful. ConnexMe interactive tools keep everyone engaged and attuned to your messages. Their confidence levels rise, especially new team members, and they are equipped to properly execute sales directives when returning to the field.

A) Select the most relevant questions:

Your sales team can post questions or comments at any time in ConnexMe. Meeting participants can «like» them to signify understanding or what’s most important to them.

For example, as a manager you might consider posing a question or comment about a new incentive plan being rolled out. Feedback would help you understand and address issues on-the-spot that may prevent 100% buy-in from your sales team. The team also sees their concerns being acknowledged so you’re more likely to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution.

B) Quiz:

It has long been known that repetitio est mater studiorum (Latin: repetition is the mother of learning). In other words, the best way to make your sales team remember is to make repetitions of your key content. So after your presentation, set up a quick poll to confirm the key sales topics you have presented have been well understood.

Poll example : What makes this new product a real innovation?

C) Share your sales materials:

Add as many documents as you wish on the app (product presentation, promotional video…) and share them live with your team.

Measure success in real-time and improve for the next meeting

Launch evaluations for each session and get results immediately. Compile all event data and analyze, mapping the data to key activity indicators and your specific meeting results expectations.
Some results may surprise you and, in any event, can inform how best to design and deliver your next sales meeting.

Session evaluationContact us for a demo!


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