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Events are an important part of communication of pharmaceutical laboratories. However, since the Sunshine Act, they are required to communicate in detail all advantages granted to a number of players in health. It is not always easy to contain an overview of expenditures incurred, either by event or for a particular HCP. Discover the Evenium solutions designed to efficiently manage your events, and calculate the detailed costs.

– Creating an event web site and managing your invitations

In a few clicks create your event Web site, invite HCPs and follow their registration.

We register the domain name of your choice for you. We host this domain name and perform the procedures for integration on Evenium servers so that it becomes the web address for your event website.

– Managing the transport of your participants

Manage your guests’ transport  online and gain efficiency.

Directly, via the Evenium online platform, your guests indicate their preferences of transport (airline schedules etc.).
You will automatically receive an email informing you that one of your guests filled the form online. Login to the back office of the event to access information submitted by your guests and fill a transportation plan.
The HCP in turn receives an email informing them of the transportation plan and validates it with a single click. You can send them e-tickets directly from the platform.

– Financial reporting, in accordance with the obligations of the Sunshine Act

Easily respond to the imperatives of the Sunshine Act, by automatically calculating detailed costs per event or per participant.

Costs allocated to different expenditures can be filled (ex: accommodation, meals, training, transfer etc).
Set up reporting of costs associated with each participant in a format compliant with the legislative measures in force.
Perform a multi-event report to have an overview of expenses over the year.

– Automatic synchronization with your CRM

Gain in transparency and efficiency by synchronizing your CRM with your Evenium platform.

Evenium has developed an interface with most CRMs – Veeva/Salesforce, Mi/Cegedim etc.
If your sales network uses your CRM to invite your HCPs, data will be automatically loaded into Evenium to start the logistics process.
This data is also used for transparency declarations (Sunshine Act) and will allow to extract complete files easily.
Conversely, the participation and presence information can be automatically sent back to your CRM to power your marketing tools.

– Collaborative management

One unique datanase to keep an overview, avoid duplication and gain efficiency.

Set up sub accounts under administrators to allow regional directors, medical sales representatives and your teams to share the same general database, while viewing only their own subset of information.
Each Medical Delegate can connect and track where are their guests.

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