Powerful small meetings with ConnexMe

You are organizing a meeting to present a new project to your team, to review business processes, or brainstorm new plans. How can you:
• Maximize input or feedback from your participants?
• Hold their full attention & share the most relevant information for them?
• Motivate them easily to work together?
• Improve networking and communication between attendees?

Use the ConnexMe app to answer all of these questions! Here’s how you could do it:

Before the event:

Send invitations and promote the meetingEmailing ConnexMe

Two or three weeks prior to the meeting, poll attendees to get them involved, letting their opinion be heard and providing valuable input to the meeting owner that can be incorporated into the session.

The email should also include instructions to access the ConnexMe app along with a brief description of why or how it will be used.

Digitize and group all meeting documents

We all know that meeting presentations and documents undergo multiple revisions, with final changes often made at the very last minute. If you’ve prepared handouts, you will have to spend extra time and money to reprint them. Don’t worry, the simple solution is to upload all documents in the app and group them per agenda item. When modifications are made, just re-upload and all changes are available instantly. This helps your attendees find relevant documents easily, accessing precisely what they need to be productive and successful contributors in any meeting.

documents ConnexMe

Day of the meeting

Produce efficient brainstorming sessions

Define the goals of your meeting and the topics or problems to be addressed. Organize attendees into small groups to brainstorm ideas or solutions and submit them through the app. Then share this input with all the groups to generate further discussion and have them vote for the best remaining ideas. You will have project team members who are deeply engaged and liberated to think outside-the-box, with the process easily facilitated by the ConnexMe mobile app.

Instantly edit and share any slide

Attendees can annotate and share slides in the ConnexMe app. For customer or other external events, you can allow sharing, including through social networks.slide

Make training sessions efficient

Poll your audience to assess their level of knowledge or expectations, in advance of the session or right at the start.
After each segment or at the end of each session, launch another poll to:
Evaluate attendees’ understanding and absorption of the content. Follow their learning progress and, when necessary, provide added clarification and address issues on-the-spot. Everyone present benefits and you ensure more complete understanding and buy-in from your audience.
• Select important points, facts, figures and concepts to ask your audience that reveals their level of understanding. Determine what needs further review and make your key messages more meaningful and clear.

You can also address comments and questions submitted through ConnexMe, to reinforce learning and ensure retention of your most important points.

Example:poll ConnexMe
127,500 is the number of…
– Sales on our most recent product
– Average sell-out per hour last year
– Amount of revenue realized by our key product last year

Collect feedback from the “field” about key sales issues

Feedback is crucial to highlight areas for improvement or further consideration. ConnexMe surveys can help you isolate and drill-down on particular topics. You can easily frame questions in order to elicit a very specific type of response. Ideally, choose a good mix of quantitative and open-ended questions that will provide detailed information as well as a big picture view. This gives attendees yet another way for their ideas to be heard.

• How would you rate our CRM? Poor -> Fantastic (Rating scale)
• In your opinion, does your immediate superior recognize the value of
your work?
• How could sales revenue be improved, from your perspective?

You can also measure your meeting’s success in real-time by launching an evaluation through the app.

How satisfied are you:
With the quality of the overall event?
With the scope of information presented?
With the amount of time dedicated to training?
That you had sufficient time to network and share ideas with your peers?
That the meeting was a motivational experience for you?
With the usefulness of the information?

Session evaluation

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