Small Corporate Events: The Middle Child Syndrome

When it comes to planning corporate events for board members, VIPs or team members, do you ever feel stuck in the middle?

Small corporate events like these often suffer from middle child syndrome: overlooked or underappreciated compared to their bigger, flashier multi-day event and meeting siblings with thousands of attendees.

But no matter whether it’s a go-big, all-hands meeting or a small, one-day retreat for 50 top salespeople, small corporate event success takes just as much organizing and planning as a large-scale event, just on a slightly different scale.

Many planners already use event tech to help plan and manage their large events or meetings. There’s no reason why event technology shouldn’t also be used for small corporate events too.

Here are three ways to use event technology to conquer small corporate event middle child syndrome.

Corporate Board Meetings

Time-strapped and busy executives don’t have the bandwidth to track or manage multiple versions of important documents and presentations.

Using your event app as a one-stop digital source makes it easier for executives – and you – to stay on top of the latest versions of all-important board meeting materials.

Uploading all docs and presentations to an app like ConnexMe makes it easy for board members to find the latest version right at their fingertips. And the meeting itself becomes more productive because more time is spent discussing important ideas and initiatives rather than tracking down documents in a crowded inbox.

Plus, ConnexMe’s visual collaboration feature creates a more lively, engaging presentation. Meeting participants can use the app to highlight and add content, and even show feedback from board members directly on the screen.

If you’re already using technology to manage other event content, do the same for your board meetings. Executives will appreciate the streamlined approach and your efforts to make their lives easier.

Incentive Events

One big draw of an event app is the networking features to encourage attendees to mix and mingle before an event.

So if you’re bringing together team members from around the world for an incentive event, it makes sense to use your event app to encourage pre-event networking for them too. It’s an ideal and easy way for attendees to get to know each other or even facilitate setting-up one-on-one meetings to talk about that new deal. Of course, if there are last-minute schedule changes, using your event app’s push notifications features makes announcing those updates a snap.

And if you’re using an event app like ConnexMe 8.0, you can also highlight the amazing photos participants have taken throughout the event with the Photo Wall Widget.

Using an event app for check-in is also a perfect way to make guests feel like VIPs. No need to print reg lists or badges. Simply greet attendees when they arrive and check off their name in the event app to track attendance.

By encouraging pre-event networking to facilitate on-site check-in, an event app makes it easy to plan and manage incentive events too.

Team Appreciation Event

There’s nothing worse than planning an event to show appreciation for all of your team’s hard work, but there’s a problem with guests receiving all the important details about the what, where and when.

Rather than the time-consuming process of piecing together an invitation email, event web page or website, and email confirmations and reminders, managing all of these important details become a snap when you take advantage of your event app’s features.

For instance, an event app streamlines sending out polls to track what activities or topics attendees are interested in. It also facilitates collecting input or feedback from the team to spark discussion, such as what are the biggest challenges or what should be changed.

The app’s networking features also make it easy to keep new connections going after the event. And you can also use an event app to hear directly from your team. Use a word cloud to ask them about their expectations, the challenges they face or what they’d like to see changed.


Event technology makes planning and managing any size event easier and less stressful. There’s no reason why small corporate events should be left out from those benefits and suffer from middle child syndrome.

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