Host inclusive and participatory webinars with ConnexMe

Seamless experience for all

Our platform simplifies setup, streaming, and access for everyone. Speakers can share their camera and screen in a click or two. As for participants, they just have to log into the platform from any device or browser to enjoy the webinar!

Engage your audience and gather useful insights

Host inclusive and participatory webinars and quickly gather insightful information about your audience. Use tools like brainstorming or advanced polling to transform the typically boring webinar in a lively two-way conversation with your audience and reach your objectives.

Maximize your content and your webinar impact

Let participants access the webinar replay and search the webinar transcript for the content they missed or want to watch again. A great way to get leads and keep interacting with your audience!

Promote and analyze

From custom landing and registration pages to email invitations, create the perfect promotion plan to attract participants. Pre-webinar, follow your registrations in real time. Post-webinar, gather all the stats  and learn more on your webinar performance.

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