ConnexMe Update – More collaboration and ease of use

Virtual and hybrid events have become the new normal and that’s why our team worked on making ConnexMe even more user friendly and collaborative.

A new brainstorming tool

It’s not always easy to organize a structured brainstorming activity during an event and even less when your participants are attending remotely. To solve this issue, ConnexMe’s new brainstorming feature helps you be inclusive by engaging all your participants to reach a consensus easily. 1. The presenter launches the brainstorming session by asking a question. They can also add categories for a more structured discussion. ConnexMe's screenshot 2. Participants share their ideas. Smartphone with ConnexMe screenshot 3. They rate other participants’ ideas connexme's video screenshot 4. Ideas can be automatically ranked according to the score to boost conversation. ConnexMe's screenshot Ideas can also be sorted by category and participants can search the different ideas using keywords.

Get to the right session in just one click

Participants can now go to their session from the Agenda tab in just one click. Connexme's video screenshot ConnexMe offers an unlimited number of simultaneous sessions, each with its own live feed, video feed, comments, polls etc. ConnexMe gives you the flexibility to choose the event format that suits you best.

Discover how ConnexMe can help you make your event a success

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