7 Interaction Tips for Your Next Virtual or Hybrid Event

As we’ve learned from the last year of non-stop, back-to-back virtual events, it’s easier for online audiences to get more distracted than they do when participating in-person. To compete and thrive in a competitive, digital environment where everyone is juggling multiple priorities and is a click away from being disengaged, try these eight tips to raise your audience interaction game.

1)  Polling

If you haven’t already incorporated polls into your events, it’s one of the easiest ways to get started raising the interactivity. 


But don’t just limit polling to during the event. Many corporate event planners and marketers improve audience interaction by using pre-event polls. Ask attendees what they will find valuable or would like to learn and incorporate those topics into the agenda.

2)  Quizzes

Everyone loves a good quiz, so tap into attendees’ competitive nature to drive interaction. The options for different quizzes are endless – from trivia about your organization, products, and solutions to pop culture and sports and everything in between – making it easy to find a topic that sparks interaction.

Just remember to carefully construct quizzes so answers can’t easily be searched or found on Google to keep the playing field level.

3)  Brainstorm together

Similar to the first two suggestions, use polls to create interactive brainstorms – for example, new ideas to drive sales for the coming quarter – and then let people vote on the ones that could have the most potential.

To make the brainstorm process even easier, experiment with Evenium’s ConnexMe platform to compile ideas during a session, which can then be displayed into a summary to review and discuss with participants to determine consensus, next steps, and follow-up.


4)  Multi-lingual rooms

With the global reach of virtual and hybrid events, another surefire strategy to promote interaction is to create a series of virtual rooms – each in a different language.

With an audience engagement platform like ConnexMe, it’s easy to  create multiple rooms for participants to simultaneously see slides and listen to streamed audio in their native language.

 5)  Networking 

Help participants interact with each other in meaningful ways by providing networking opportunities – whether that’s through private messaging, setting up one-on-one or small group meetings, access to public profiles, or live chat.

6)  Annotate as a group

Elevate participants’ experience by interacting with them throughout each speaker’s presentation.

For example, ConnexMe offers a live annotation feature that allows the audience to work together and share their ideas or feedback simultaneously on the same document.

7)  Closing Survey

When the event is over, prompt participants to share feedback about the meeting by answering a quick and short closing survey.


One simple idea to try: ask them to share a one-word answer that summarizes their experience. Then display those answers in a word cloud to visualize participants’ responses.


Take inspiration from the above ideas to increase the level of interaction at your next virtual or hybrid event or meeting. 

And if you’re looking for a turnkey engagement platform to up the interaction game further, try ConnexMe.  Contact our team to learn more