What Type Of Event Professional Are You?

As anyone who works in the events industry would know, there’s a lot more than one type of event or meeting planner. Different people work better in different situations and each have different priorities and strategies when it comes to planning events. 

Have a go at our quiz to find out what type of event professional you are. We’ve created 6 types of event planners, so discover which one you can most relate to and find out more about them below…

 Take this personality test to find out what kind of event organizer you are

Social Sarah

Social Sarah knows just how important relationships with people are in the events industry. From the suppliers to attendees, Social Sarah knows exactly how to interact with everyone, whether that be those working behind the scenes or front of house. Sarah has great communication skills and knows how to convey her thoughts, ideas and opinions in a professional manner.


 Take this personality test to find out what kind of event organizer you are

 Laid Back Leanne

Laid Back Leanne is as cool as anything when the pressure is on to plan the perfect event; it takes more than a slight hiccup to knock her off her stride. Leanne is super chilled out and likes to have everything in line ahead of time so that even if she’s not there in person, the event will still be ticking along nicely. Laid Back Leanne thrives on being able to rely on the Evenium OnSite app to help her to monitor her attendees and track the number of people present from the convenience of her smartphone or iPad.


 Take this personality test to find out what kind of event organizer you areTech Loving Tyler

Tech Loving Tyler loves things all new and improved, especially when it comes to technology. He can’t stop innovating and is always looking for new ways to use technology to improve his event planning. Tyler thrives on being a trendsetter for other event professionals to follow and he knows exactly what tech he can use to make the most out of his events. Tyler enhances interactivity and networking at his corporate events with the ConnexMe mobile app, which uses the latest event technology to allow guests to interact with each other and engage with the event as it unfolds.

 Take this personality test to find out what kind of event organizer you areOrganized Oliver

Organized Oliver is as detailed as an event professional could be, he is clear, focussed and doesn’t like to waste his time. Oliver loves to get hands-on and be in command whenever possible so that his extremely high standards are met. He has several ‘To Do Lists’ and follows them rigorously. If you’re like Organized Oliver, you enjoy working as part of a high-paced environment where you always need to be on top of your game. You’ll be great at multi-tasking and can create and stick to deadlines as well as guiding your colleagues, clients and suppliers to do the same.

Organized Oliver relies on Evenium’s Facility to organize his event planning from start to finish, where he can build his own event website, plan and monitor his budgets, manage his sign-ups and registration and maximize the ROI at his events.


 Take this personality test to find out what kind of event organizer you areProblem Solving Paul

Paul knows that event planning is like solving one giant puzzle. When it comes to event planning, it seems that things tend to go wrong more than they tend to go right. Problem Solving Paul has the ability to see a problem straight from the start and can find the most logical, economical solution. Paul understands that problems can occur from the months running up to the event, right through to the day of the event itself so he has several back up plans to help the event run as smoothly as possible. Paul uses Evenium Net to keep track of all of the important event information so that if something goes wrong, he has a central database he can refer to and make changes where necessary.


Passionate Patrick

As the event industry has become ever more diverse, competitive and creative, event professionals need to be passionate about their events in order to be successful. If you’re like Passionate Patrick, you’ll be able to continuously come up with and plan concepts that truly ‘wow’ your guests, event after event. Your passion for event organizing will shine through, from the way you interact and socialize with your guests to the way you execute the event itself.

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